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When needing stump grinding / removal in Kissimmee, Fl, make sure and call us at Kissimmee Tree Trimmers.  Not only will removing the stump help with the overall appearance of your home.  It also helps protect family members or anyone who would like to enjoy the area from which the stump was taken.  At Kissimmee Tree Trimming we provide top notch stump removal services to help eliminate the tree entirely and give you the flexibility to do what want with your yard.  There are two main ways to accomplish this service and that is with stump grinding and stump removal.

While both essentially accomplish the same end by removing the stump the two common techniques are quite different in terms of removal.  We will provide both the pros and cons to each technique to help you decide on which is more suitable for you.

Tree Stump Grinding

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The First method and most affordable is stump grinding.  This is a lot less invasive and can be done at a quicker pace than stump removal. It also is less labor intensive without the need of using large equipment.  Does not leaving a large gaping hole where the stump used to be now requiring another means to fill which in turns requires more cost.  This method is also environmentally friendly. The cons to this method are with the roots still intact there is the possibility of an eventual sprout forming.  Also the roots left behind can decay causing other issues.

Tree Stump Removal Sarasota Fl
Sarasota Fl Tree stump removal

Tree Stump Removal

The other option used is the complete removal of the stump entirely.  The benefits of this method is the complete elimination of the roots and the stump.  Another pro is if you were looking to replace the removed tree with another tree this makes the process a lot easier. The cons to this method are it is time intensive and requires more heavy duty equipment to complete the service.  If no plans to the replace the tree with another then you are left with a large hole that could be dangerous or costly to fill.  This method is also less environmentally friendly.